How To Choose and Wear Overalls

Sep 05, 2016
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Overalls outfits :

For the past several months, overalls have been making a comeback at the center stage of street style. I confess I have not succumbed to the working blue call because I do not think this torture device will flatter my figure.

However, I find some of the looks far from ugly. You’re overalls outfitsnot Luigi, but could this look still be trendy on you? Of course, it can! I’ll explain how to wear overalls in 2017. I have even chosen some images for more inspiration


Let’s be frank.  The jumpsuit is a regressive piece. There are few women at the base and it’s a little silly at the edges. But, does that stop the little lioness in the street style jungle? If you love the challenge, that’s something to be admired. The goal is to shift the look.

Overalls outfits: Option 1 

Make the look less masculine by associating it with ultra feminine pieces: heels, lingerie, or romantic lace blouses. Or wear them tight for a sexy look

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Overalls outfits: Option 2

Make the overalls look less silly by going for a rock or grunge look. All styles are allowed: leather, nails, and plaid shirts.

These are the most popular options, but nothing prevents you from wearing them with a turtleneck for an androgynous look or trainers to have more street style, like Rihanna. I’m sure this sounds like a daunting task! Are there no rules in this world??

In fact, with overalls, as with fashion in general, everything is allowed – but it must be mastered. It is necessary for the look to be consistent

overalls outfits

The accessories: for accessories, I confess to having a preference for accumulations of fine jewelry. I also like the colors that pop and flashy graphics. Similarly, hats and overalls often go together, bringing a missing touch of sophistication.

Tips for the road: The overalls must be selected one size bigger, but no more or less. They should be loose, but subtly reveal your shape. If they are too slinky, you may look cheap and get the dreaded camel toe. If they’re too large, the only way we’ll find your figure is with a GPS. Wearing overalls is an art that cannot be improvised!

  • The sailor look also goes very well with overalls.
  • The leather jumpsuit is an option to consider in an emergency.
  • Overalls can be worn with elegance in trench coats and duffle coats.
  • With a choker and overalls, you can bring back a retro 90’s look!

Here are some images for more inspiration!

overalls outfits (how to choose and wear overalls)
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